In Memory

Irving Dean - Class Of 1961

Irving Dean

Dear Classmates,

We have received word that Irv Dean passed away 8/30/2019 in Washington State. Since there is no obituary, Maryanne Nordstrom Liszkai, Irv's cousin, wanted to add this note to his class memorial:

I lost my cousin, Irv, on 8/30/2019 to heart complications.  Our families were very close due to our mothers (sisters) being orphaned at ages 4 and 7.  We were practically raised like siblings who became very good friends in spite of the eventual miles between us.

Irv was a very private person and would probably hate that I'm doing this.  His family did give me permission.  He was very loving and kind and loved to laugh but not at others' expense.  He was a brilliant engineer, artist, and woodworker and had even started to write a novel.  After a career in the engineering field in Michigan, they moved to Washington State to be close to their three girls. One of the girls wrote this to me about her dad:

"My dad was infinitely curious, incredibly kind, and loved to laugh.  He taught me to draw, sculpt, question, theorize, challenge authority (even his), think logically, appreciate the awe of nature, and view the world with compassion and a fire for social justice.  He was the best teacher, father, and friend I could have asked for.  His love was quintessentially unconditional.  He told me he loved his life and, if he had advice, it was for me to enjoy it."

That was my cousin--my friend--and I'll miss him.  Irv leaves his wife, Joyce Letson Dean (RR class of '62), daughters Laura, Lisa, and Michelle, sister Grace Begany (RR class of '65), myself and my brother, Jack (RR class of '64), and neices, nephews, and friends.


Maryanne (Nordstrom) Liszkai