Missing Classmates

As of April 1 we have uploaded the names of our entire class. This list represents those classmates that have been entered into the site but without valid email addresses. 

What you can do to help?  If you know the email address for anyone on this page click on the name and enter the email address for the person in the box provided.  An Invite email regarding this site will be sent to that email address. (you can put your own email address in the box to see what is sent)

We are assuming that if we can't reach classmates by email we will not get them to participate on this site.  It is everyone's responsibility to find these email addresses.

Select Year of Graduation.
Randy Barth (1961)
Sharon Behm (Dreyer) (1961)
Kathy Bloch
Steve Breehl (1961)
Leonard Cawrse (1961)
Loyd Christianson (1961)
Lynne Connell (1961)
Prudence Cooper (1961)
Kathryn Counseller (Bryant) (1961)
Linda Deckelman (Spade) (1961)
Sara Gephart (1961)
John Gibbs (1961)
Sue Hansen (1961)
Ken Haueisen (1961)
Bruce Heyman (1961)
Claire Hoeflich (Senecal) (1961)
Emil Holcker (1961)
Marilyn Hoy (Vransky) (1961)
Diane Johnson (Kirschnick) (1961)
Larry Kale (1961)
Sallie Knight (Rees) (1961)
Sue Lacy (Lenox) (1961)
Joan Lambdin (1961)
Mark LaRoche (1961)
Marybeth Lemon (Besten) (1961)
Sandra Luthi (Knipe) (1961)
Charlene Majher (Patichny) (1961)
Karen Martin (1961)
Gerald McArthur (1961)
Doug McFarlin (1961)
Frank Meier (1961)
Paula Meyer (DeMoss) (1961)
John Mikulic (1961)
Herb Miller (1961)
Jack Moir (1961)
Bonnie Morran (1961)
Georgia Morse (1961)
Mary Ann Moses (1961)
Bob Myers (1961)
Jim Pfeil (1961)
Mary Ann Pignolet (Monzan) (1961)
Robert Pittman (1961)
Patrick Powers (1961)
Fredrick Reiche (1961)
Barbara Riley (Moore) (1961)
Milton Rudy (1961)
Ron Santo (1961)
Adelaide Schaaf (1961)
Janan Schaff (1961)
Donna Schneider (Ford) (1961)
William Share (1961)
Jean Simon (Clawson) (1961)
Bob Simpson (1961)
Judy Sims (Knight) (1961)
Bill Smith (1961)
Corrine Smith (Hohmann) (1961)
Jane Smith (Whitmyer) (1961)
Sydney Smith (1961)
Gordon Sproul (1961)
Bob Stark (1961)
Lynne Stauffer (Keramaty) (1961)
Don Tischler (1961)
Janice Vander Wiel (1961)
Judy Walters (Hand) (1961)
Don Warner (1961)
Connie Wilbraham (1961)
Bruce Williams (1961)