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Judy Gamble (Snow) - Class Of 1961

Judy Gamble (Snow)

Judy with the energy we all remember

Judy with the energy we all remember


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03/29/10 04:29 PM #1    

Sue Cramer (Emdin) (1961)

Went to college with Judy Gamble at Michigan State University. We were in
the same dorm. Her roommate was Margo Prentice who was at Rocky River
for a while, then moved to Grand Rapids, Michigan. I saw lots of Judy all
through college. Very shocked to hear about her death. Wish I knew the
particulars.-Sue Cramer Emdin

04/21/10 02:56 PM #2    

Merilynn Nunn (Hyland) (1961)

I was so sorry to learn of her premature death.  Judy lived up the street from me during high school.  She was a sweet friend.  meri

06/09/10 11:26 AM #3    

Adrienne Pfahl (Schmidt) (1961)

I will always remember Judy as the tall redhead with more freckles then me.  She had a smile and a twinkle in her eye that let you know she would go far.  So sorry to hear of her passing. 

07/11/10 02:07 PM #4    

Don Kuehn (1961)

Her SR. picture is just how I would remember Judy, even though at the last reunion it was obvious she had health issues.  That red hair, big smile, and to make it complete; a wad of gum in her mouth.  It's unfortunate that she will no longer be with us.

02/25/11 12:52 PM #5    

Sue Bamert (Stryker) (1961)

Just got on the site and so learned about Judy's passing. What I most liked about Judy was her direct, very refreshing manner. She often seemed to have no editor between her thoughts and words. At times disarming, but so delightful as well. A unique character ro my memory.

05/28/11 02:40 PM #6    

Betsy Grenfell (Poling ) (1961)

 Judy was the first person who befriended me when my family moved to Rocky River.  I'll never forget her standing at my door calling, "Oh Bets seeee!".  That was my introduction to Gasser Blvd. and I loved it.  Judy next introduced me to Tootsie.  A new girl couldn't have felt more welcomed!  It was great seeing Judy at the last reunion.  I only wish she could have shared the 50th with us.   

09/07/11 07:25 AM #7    

Sharon O'Grady (Pfaff) (1961)

Judy's husband, David Snow wrote the following poem in 1968. It was reprinted in the program at her funeral and I wanted to share that with you.


There is a meadow in this man's life

To which he'll always return

A special spot within his heart or which

his reflections will always yearn.


A certain place,

with grasses green and a sky of blue,

And a meanderin' brook

in which to wade through.


To this special meadow

he'll always return;

T'was here he found

the wonder of his life


T'was in this meadow he first

frolicked with the freckle-faced girl

Who became his wife.

06/17/13 05:59 PM #8    

Carole Williams (Matthews) (1961)

Sorry I just found out frm Walt Githens Judy passed on. Dont know the particulars but she was always fun an cherry in school  6-17-2013 Carole Williams Matthews Sorry to hear about it

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