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Bob Peebles - Class Of 1961

Bob Peebles

 We learned recently that classmate Bob Peebles passed away after a battle with some type of neurological disorder.  We know that he has been living around Lake Elsinore Californina and that he has been fighting this medical problem for awhile.  If you have additional information (like the obit) please let us know.

The information below was just received from Tracy Henchbarger (Bob's ex-wife).  Read below and see if you can help her find Bob's sister in Ohio.  Thanks  Walt Githens


I was married to Bob on Feb 14, 1975 thru August 1981. I also live in Southern CA and had kept in touch with him through the years. I hadn't been able to get through to him since the Fall of 2011 and after much sleuthing, was told that he entered the ICU at Redlands Community Hospital (Riverside County, CA) in November 2011. I found out today that he passed away sometime in Nov or Dec 2011. I was told there was a family member with him - the only family he had was myself and his estranged sister Jeanne Peebles, RR Class of '63, I believe. My phone number was being transferred to a new cell carrier at the time and was down; and I was in NY with my mother beginning in Nov, until she passed away in December. I am desperately trying to find out any information. I don't know Jeanne's married name, but for some reason I think she continues to live in Ohio. Would someone on your staff be able to help me locate her? My contact information is Tracy Henchbarger, thench@cox.net619.417.3477. Thank you so much! 


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11/29/11 11:03 AM #1    

Don Kuehn (1961)

Bob was always fun and I remember him as far back as elementary school.  In high school, it seems he was always taking pictures at some educational, social, or sports event.  I connected with him again during plans for our 40th Reunion and heard how he had become an independent assignment  photographer for many well known magazines such as Life, National Geographic, etc. until he suffered a back injury while on a "shoot" overseas.  An operation, while in Europe, was unsuccessful, his wife left him, and he was partially disabled.  Unable to find steady work, he was living in a trailer in California with his dog.  He use to make calendars featuring monthly pictures of the dog.   It's a shame if his injury eventually resulted in the condition which caused his death.  His life was full of memorable achievements, and he will be missed.  

01/01/12 10:56 AM #2    

Jim Prange (1961)

Bob was probably my best friend in high school. We had a common interest in photography. He took trips with us to our cottage in northern Michigan during the summer. I have film of that summer in 1958

Some years ago I got in touch with him at his address in California. He was semi paralyzed with a nerve disorder and then was hit by a truck while walking his dog. His dog was the most beautiful animal with thick white fur. I don't know what Bob would have done without his canine companion. He sent me many photos and even did a calendar with a new photo of his dog each month.

   My last contact was about two years ago when I recommended an attorney to pursue a lawsuit. I had never heard back and regret I did not keep in touch. I did not know of his passing until viewing the memorial on this site.



01/02/12 05:57 PM #3    

Merilynn Nunn (Hyland) (1961)

What beautiful tributes you two men have written of Bob.  I, too, remember him in high school, always with a camera.  I worked on the newspaper a lot with him.  He was talented, dedicated, and a good person.  He taught me much about looking at 'things' through the eye of the lens for its beauty.


Years ago, somehow we connect; it was before fb.  He sent beautiful pictures, and most with his wonderful dog.  He spoke of having some sort of disorder, and we shared some stories.  Then he no longer sent messages.  I am sorry to learn of his passing.

06/26/12 11:57 AM #4    

Adrienne Pfahl (Schmidt) (1961)

Once I left Kensington and entered higher learning, I met Bob.  We would continue to be in the same Home Rooms for Jr. and Sr. High.  He was polite and had a great sense of humor.  He was everything I liked in young men of our childhood.  Tall, blonde, polite, intelligent and non-judgemental.  He treated everyone with the same grace.  I felt saddened to hear of all his medical problems and wish his life had been more blessed.  May God grant him the joy of a wonderful life everlasting.

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