55th Reunion Survey


Please take time to answer the following questions while the reunion is fresh in your mind. 

We intend to use the results to help us plan the 60th.


Walt G

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1)   * DId you attend the reunion

Yes No
2)   * Beardens's Event

  I got to visit with all of the people I wanted too
  The food choices were what I expected
  The drink choices were what I expected
  I was able to move around and talk to classmates easily
  The cost was just right
3)   * Tour of Cleveland

  I got to see what I wanted to see
  We spent too much time a one or more places
  We didn't spend enough time at one or more places
  The cost was just right
4)   * CYC Dinner

  My food was prepared nicely as expected
  Food portions were just right
  Seating was comfortable and allow easy movement
  I was able to hear the speakers
  Was the Cocktail Time long enough
  The $60 per person cost was just right
5)   * Please rank the importance of the following:: spend time sitting down visiting with diffierent classmates; ability to move around in room easily; availability of adult beverages; inside venue; eating a nice meal in a nice place