60th Class Reunion Survey

Our 60th year-after-graduation from RRHS will be here before we know it.  Who is interested in meeting once again for this epic year celebration in September of 2021?

A committee is forming to plan a reunion, but needs your input.  Please help out by answering a few questions below.  Your answers will be private, but a compilation of all answers (without names) will be available for all classmates and "guests" to see.  If you weren't a classmate but receive this message because you are on the web site guest list, please take the survey as well.

Please answer this survey as soon as possible.  Walt G. told me when he was training me for this web site that we had to start two years in advance to plan a reunion.  Your responses are very important to the planning committee.

Betsy Grenfell Poling


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1)   Are you interested in attending a 60th reunion?

Yes No
2)   Is September 2021 a good time for you?

Yes No
3)   Will you need accommodations?

Yes No
4)   Would you like activities planned for 2 days or 3 days?

Three days is the format for the past reunions. Day 1: Welcoming casual get together; Day 2: Full day of activities including lunch/tours, dinner; Day 3: Brunch
5)   What activities would you like to see included?

6)   Do you have anything you'd like to suggest for a 60th reunion that may not be included in the questions above?